Commissioner at the conference of regional media professionals on Palic

Commissioner for the Protection of Equality, Brankica Jankovic, took part at the professional-educative conference “Autumn radio days RAB Serbia” and the annual assembly of this representative association at Palic, that gathered media professionals from the state and the region.

Commissioner accented media as a very important partner to the Commissioner in building of open and tolerant society and reminded to the principles of non-discriminatory reporting on minority and marginalized groups.

Speaking about respecting of equality and tolerance principles in media, Commissioner presented a manual for journalist “Fight for the Equality” prepared by Commissioner for the Protection of Equality in cooperation with OSCE Mission in Serbia, that may serve as good tool and help to all media employees in their reporting on sensitive social groups. Head of OSCE Mission in Serbia, Andrea Orizio, also spoke at the same session “Respecting of equality and tolerance principles in media”.

Head of Office of the Commissioner for Protection of Equality, Antigona Andonov, lead the workshop for journalist about non-discriminatory reporting and media promotion of equality and tolerance values, aimed to elimination of uncertainties in reporting on sensitive and minority social groups.

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