Commissioner at AFA Women Leadership Summit

Commissioner for the Protection of Equality Brankica Jankovic spoke at the second AFA Women Leadership Summit, which started with round table dedicated to women economy empowerment through innovations and technology.

Commissioner Jankovic emphasized that girls in Serbia make 56% of total graduated students. They make 26% in IT sector and 37% of graduate engineers. Nevertheless, women spend 10 years in average on these jobs and we need to find out reasons for this. Female coders have more difficulties in career progress and data reveal that they are paid averagely 400 EUR less than their male colleagues in Serbia. She stated that beside various benefits, information technologies will put women in less favorable position than men, because many jobs that they are performing today will disappear. Researches show that as many as 57% of current jobs will be replaced by technology by 2026, especially those in which women are dominant. She said that companies should take care of this problem as well. Replying to the question on how to improve this situation, Commissioner said that there is no magic stick, but that women need to take their lives in their own hands and not to fear but to enter the new professions.

At the second AFA Summit also spoke Minister without portfolio Slavica Djukic Dejanovic, AFA director Zaklina Kusic, Fund for Political Excellence president Sonja Liht, Regional Cooperation Council general secretary Goran Svilanovic and leading experts from various areas, representatives of embassies and NGO sector from Serbia and abroad.

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