Commissioner at “Academy of Democracy”

Commissioner for Protection of Equality Brankica Jankovic welcomed the initiative of Center for Research, Transparency and Responsibility (CRTA) that organizes programs for young students, journalists, youth in political parties and civil society activists, with support of OSCE Mission in Serbia, which provide them opportunity to learn about functioning of independent institutions in Serbia and their importance in creating a tolerant and equal society through panel discussions.

Commissioner explained to the attendees of “Academy of Democracy” all the ways in which Commissioner, as an independent, central, state institution, protects the equality of individuals and legal entities in all spheres of social relations, when it warns the public to the most frequent, typical and severe cases of discrimination, also stressing that the institution follows the implementation of laws and other regulations and initiates amendments in order to achieve a higher level of equality.

Attendees were convinced that protection of equality reaches all areas of society and life through several examples from the practice of Commissioner, related to cases in which the institution acted.

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