Code of Equality presented in American Chamber of Commerce

Within a new cycle of activities aimed to prevention of discrimination at the labor market and improvement of equality, Commissioner for the Protection of Equality Brankica Jankovic presented the Code of Equality in American Chamber of Commerce, a manual dedicated to employers that contains directives for creation and implementation of anti-discrimination policy in the companies in Serbia. This event marks the extension of the practice of continuous presentation of Code to the employers and chambers of commerce in Serbia.

Accepting and respecting of the equality principle is not only a legal obligation, but it contributes to better business, being an integral part of the company’s success, stressed Commissioner and added that the most productive worker is the one who is motivated. She stated that successful companies understood that, which is supported by the fact that growing number of employers is ready to implement Code in their business practices.

Assistant to Commissioner Tatjana Jokanovic presented the practical sides of Code, together with suggestions of particular activities with objective to strengthen the mechanisms for the protection and improvement of equality at the work place.

Representatives of many eminent companies, members of American Chamber in Serbia, were present at this event. Among them were Deloitte, NCR, Banca Intesa, VIP Mobile, Rakita Exploration and other companies from the areas of banking, law, consulting, pharmacy and providing services.

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