Commissioner for the Protection of Equality, Brankica Janković, welcomes the nomination of Ana Brnabić as Prime Minister designate tasked with forming the new Government of the Republic of Serbia, as announced by the President of Republic of Serbia.


„For the first time in history, Serbia will have a woman as prime minister, which is a tangible and momentous leap toward affirming gender equality. Although women in high executive positions have already demonstrated expertise, ability and professionalism, the principle of equality between women and men as well as equal  opportunities policy are actually becoming reality for Serbia with this act“, said Commissioner Janković.


Thus, commitment to pursue responsible policy and uphold true respect of equality principle and equal opportunities for all our citizens, regardless of their personal characteristic, was reaffirmed. It contributes to further strengthening of inclusive society that, as such, has even firmer prospects for stronger and faster development, said the Commissioner.

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