Announcement to the public – “Gradska Cistoca” Novi Pazar discriminated Nelica Grujic’s family member

In the proceeding upon complaint filed by Nelica Grujic, Commissioner for the Protection of Equality, Brankica Jankovic, issued an opinion that JKP “Gradska Cistoca“ Novi Pazar committed act of discrimination on grounds of personal characteristic of Nelica Grujic’s family member – religious belief. This company from Novi Pazar didn’t allow complainant to place thumb stone of pyramidal shape for her late father at the cemetery near Petar’s church in Novi Pazar. Instead, they conditioned her to choose one of five thumb stones in shape of cross.

Together with the opinion, Commissioner issued an recommendation to “Gradska Cistoca“ in Novi Pazar to send written apology to Nelica Grujic and to allow her to place thumb stone that is in accordance with religious belief of her late father, as well as to take care in future not to violate provisions related to prohibition of discrimination within their regular business and activities.

Considering that, even after the warning, JKP “Gradska Cistoca“ Novi Pazar did not act upon the recommendation, Commissioner for the Protection of Equality, in accordance with the Law on the Prohibition of Discrimination, informs public about this fact.

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