Announcement regarding the occurrence of offensive posters

Commissioner for Protection of Equality Ms. Brankica Jankovic strongly condemns the offending posters with the image of the Member of Parliamrent (MP) Ms Aleksandra Jerkov, that have recently appeared throughout the city of Novi Sad, insulting the MP in a most inappropriate and vulgar manner.

Commissioner points out that this is discriminatory towards MP and so her political ideas and acts are being denigrated in a very primitive way. In addition, the way it was put is also an insult to all women, not just for those active in political life.

MP Aleksandra Jerkov has a legitimate right to publicly perform and promote certain political views and ideas in accordance with the Constitution and laws of the Republic of Serbia. It is unacceptable for this kind of campaign which happens to be typical expression of gender discriminarion, to be led against her. Additionally, it is impermissible to allude to any other personal characteristic in such offensive and earthy manner.

Commissioner Jankovic expects from the competent state authorities to discover the perpetrators of these shameful acts promptly, and reminds on the importance of the shift of the general attitude towards women in the society.

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