Announcement regarding Human Rights Day

Commissioner for the Protection of Equality Brankica Jankovic congratulates the Human Rights Day, 10 December, to all citizens of Serbia, reminding that one of the basic and guaranteed rights is – the right of every person not to be discriminated and to be equal.

All relevant researchers, as well as data from the submitted complaints, indicate that citizens who live in poverty, with a disability, followed by women, Roma, elderly and other social groups, are exposed to the increased risk of disrespect of violation of human rights in different areas of social life: at the labor market, in health and social care, education, media etc.

It is necessary to work more intensively on the further development of the society of justice, equality and tolerance, where rights of every individual are respected and where all institutions are doing their job within their competences, which are defined by the law. Special accent should be put on the protection of social and economic rights, concludes Commissioner.

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