Triple homicide in Novi Sad, when Mirjana Jankovic and her parents were murdered by her husband, is unfortunately more than a warning, it provokes concerns requesting the urgent reactions of all relevant authorities and activation of all available measures, says Commissioner for Protection of Equality Brankica Jankovic. Sadly, this horrific murder case also confirms that the system for protection from the violence against women is not efficient enough, despite all measures and activities which were undertaken. Problem in this case is that the murdered woman has reported the bully because of domestic violence just two weeks ago, but it is obvious that someone from the responsibility chain failed, stressed Commissioner Jankovic. In spite of the Law enacted, the fact is that we need greater awareness and responsibility, while all social actors must finally became aware of their duty to protect the safety and lives of women, victims of violence.

Commissioner emphasizes that we are constantly witnessing media reports about violence, that is becoming more brutal, containing the details about monstrous torturing of women. That is not a proper way to point to the problem of domestic violence. The role and importance of media in suppression of violence against women have been accented for years now and many appeals and requests were expressed with aim to stop sensational reporting. Nevertheless, some media offer their space to violators to publicly molest and humiliate their victims, causing in such way the overall damage.

Domestic violence issue overpowers the individuals, family, media, services, being the problem of whole society, stressed Commissioner Jankovic.

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