Announcement on the release of the list of candidates for the membership in SANU

Commissioner for the Protection of Equality Brankica Jankovic welcomes the list of candidates for the membership in Serbian Academy of Sciences and Art (SANU), which was proposed by the Institute for Philosophy and Social Theory.

In the current composition, SANU has very few women and therefore it is of the outmost importance that the prominent female scientists from the various fields are on the list of 16 candidates, stressed Commissioner and added that great number of women in Serbia are seriously engaged in science and art, but that their work often does not receive adequate recognition in society.

Undisputed contribution of women to science and arts, not only in Serbia, but also word wide, deserves that composition of our most respected institution reflects the real state, which would contribute to the achievement of gender equality and also confirm the strength of the Academy, concluded Commissioner Jankovic.

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