Announcement on the occasion of International Day of Families

Commissioner for the Protection of Equality Brankica Jankovic congratulates International Day of Families to all citizens of Serbia, noting that the contemporary family is facing numerous challenges and misunderstandings, which is also indicated by the number of complaints submitted to Commissioner on grounds of marital and family status.

Families who have members with health problems or disability are endangered in multiple ways and often left to their own devices, which could lead to the poverty and isolation. Lack of different services, both for  the youngest and older persons, often make the working members of the family feel „stretched“ between work and family commitments, which influence not only the quality of their lives, but also the general situation in society, especially if single mothers and fathers are involved, or those who take care about a family member. Accessibility of all institutions in educational, social and health protection system, as well as adequate and diverse services in the community, significantly contribute to the improvement of life quality for many families, as well as better harmonization of work, parenthood and family commitments, stresses Commissioner.

Poverty and domestic violence stand as a special problem that endangers the most vulnerable family members such are children, women and older persons. It is necessary to work on the improvement of the support for family and it’s strengthening, especially on prevention of domestic violence, developing at the same time a culture of non-violence and tolerance, primarily among young persons, concludes Commissioner Jankovic.

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