Day: March 22, 2019

682.18 MP U.A.I.z.ei.s.p. against D.Z. Z. for discrimination based on nationality in the field of public information

The Opinion was brought in the process with regard to the complaint of the Association „А.а.I.z. e. and s.p.“ filed against D. z. „Z.“ in relation to the article published on official internet page of this institution, which among other things said: “As the aggravating circumstance we can say that the work is being carried…

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381-18 MP complaint DSZ against MB due to discrimination based on sexual orientation in the area of public information, media-1

This opinion was brought in the process following the complaint of association “D.S.Z.” filed against the editor-in-chief “M.T.: I. and Z.”, M.B. The complaint was filed in connection with the article “Where is this world going?”, published on 3rd of May 2018 in the electronic edition of this magazine. The complaint inter alia contains allegations…

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284-18 complaint U.D.S.Z. against V.D. due to discrimination based on sexual orientation in public information media

Opinion was issued in proceeding upon complaint filed by the association DSZ against VD, regarding a text published on January 12, 2018 under the title “In defense of the natural family” on the website www …. The Commissioner for the Protection of Equality conducted a proceeding considering the allegations from complaints and pronouncements, the text…

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