Day: April 16, 2018

Warning for the public regarding the violence against women and reporting about Natasa Bekvalac

Commissioner for the Protection of Equality Brankica Jankovic warns that in the last three days only, two women were murdered, while several were physically injured. Appealing to all authorities to fully implement Law on the Prohibition of Domestic Violence, as well as all other available protection measures, in order to stop the increasing trend of…

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Warning regarding discriminatory ad published by website Last Minute Ponude

Commissioner Brankica Jankovic condemns discriminatory questions stated in the job advertisement for associates of website Last Minute Ponude, where the candidates were asked to specify their marital status, as well as the number of children and their age. Commissioner reminds that requests to specify marital and family status in the employment process are unjustified, intolerable…

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No 021-01-471/2017-02 Date: 8 2 2018

No 021-01-471/2017-02  Date: 8 2 2018 Acting within their prescribed competence[1] to monitor the enforcement of laws regulating the prohibition of discrimination and recommend measures for achievement of equality to public authorities and other persons, the Commissioner for Protection of Equality has addressed the Recommendation to the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Labour,…

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