Day: November 23, 2015

Complaint filed by N.H.C. against N AD N. for discrimination of refugees in area of providing services

This opinion was issued in the procedure acting upon the complaint filed by organization “N.h.c.” from Novi Sad against “N” AD N. The complaint states that D.M. who is a paralegal working for N.h.c.” organization, was travelling on 24 August 2015 by bus on Belgrade to Subotica bus route operated by “N” company. The bus…

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General recommendation to the National Employment Service

23. Nov 2015, No 021-02-268/2015-02   Acting within the framework of legally prescribed competencies to monitor the implementation of laws concerning the prohibition of discrimination and to recommend measures to achieve equality to the public authorities and other persons, the Commissioner for the Protection of Equality addresses to the National Employment Service the following RECOMMENDATION…

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