Recommendation to the Municipality of Prijepolje for adoption of measures to achieve gender equality

09. Sep 2012, ref. no. 1262


Acting within the framework of legally prescribed competencies to monitor the implementation of laws concerning the prohibition of discrimination and to recommend measures to achieve equality to the public authorities and other persons (Art. 33, para. 1, items 7 and 9 of the Law on the Prohibition of Discrimination, “Official Gazette of RS”, No. 22/2009), the Commissioner for the Protection of Equality addresses to the Municipality of Prijepolje the following



  1. The Municipality of Prijepolje will take all necessary measures to ensure gender equality and equal opportunities in the decisions on the establishment of local communities, their statutes and other acts, in local community bodies and procedures for election of those bodies, in accordance with the constitutional guarantee of equality of men and women, and the obligation of all public authorities to develop an active policy of equal opportunities in all areas of social life, which implies equal participation of genders at all stages of planning, adoption and implementation of decisions that affect the position of women and men.
  2. The Municipality of Prijepolje will notify the Commissioner for the Protection of Equality of the planned measures taken for acting upon this recommendation, no later than 30 days from the date of receipt of this recommendation.



Dr. Nevena Petrušić

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