No. 983-20

no. 07-00-427/2020-02 date: 8.3.2021.



The opinion was issued in the procedure regarding the complaint filed by the Association AA against Television BB, the host of the VV show, the editor-in-chief DD and the director of TV ĐĐ. The complaint states, among other things, that on August 9, 2020, on TV BB, in the show VV, a report was broadcast in which the host of the show, among other things, stated the following: “Perhaps doctors of human medicine and gynecologists could go to some nice course in college, it would raise our birth rate, and it would be cheaper. The whole procedure of treating sterility with the help of PRID costs less than one hundred euros, the spiral for cows costs 1,800 dinars. But hormones also cost money, etc. Since cows are given doses for cattle, it could certainly be cheaper for women. Definitely less than thousands and thousands of euros our women, and even the state, are giving to private clinics.” In the complaint, the complainants pointed out that the comparison of women and domestic animals (cows) on a television with national frequency, represents degrading treatment and violation of anti-discrimination regulations in relation to all women, especially in relation to women in the process of sterility treatment/artificial insemination. In the statement of DD, VV and ĐĐ, among other things, it is stated that the actors of the show, in a “clumsy way”, made allegations that are mentioned in the complaint, but “without intention and desire to offend anyone, and least of all to discriminate on the basis of gender”. Also, it was pointed out that, at its session REM passed the decision number 07-1518/20-2 of September 15, 2020, by which it imposed a temporary ban on the broadcasting of program content for EE for 15 days. which was implemented in accordance with the decision. During the procedure, it was determined that the author and editor of the show, which was broadcast on August 9, 2020, on television with national frequency, expressed views that are disturbing and humiliating for women, and which insult the dignity of all women, especially those who are in the process of in vitro fertilization or are preparing for it. In accordance with anti-discrimination and media laws, Television BB, VV, and the author and editor of the show are responsible for presenting discriminatory views on women on television, which violated Article 12 of the Law on Prohibition of Discrimination. During the procedure, it was determined that, in accordance with the media laws, the legal representative is not responsible for the mentioned views expressed in the program. The Commissioner recommended to remove from the “YouTube” channel the part of the show that was broadcast on August 9, 2020 in which the host insultingly compared the method of insemination of a cow with methods of treating infertility in women in Serbia, or to publish on the “YouTube “channel, underneath the show, an apology for the discriminatory attitudes, which were disturbing and humiliating for women, based on gender as a personal characteristic, as well as to refrain from violating the provisions of the Law on Prohibition of Discrimination in the future.

Brankica Janković

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