No. 07-00-561/2018-02

No. 07-00-561/2018-02  Dated:  24 July 2018








This Opinion was issued in a procedure following a complaint filed by М. P. against the Center for Physical Culture “D.Ј.“ from Vrbas. The complainant stated that the gym of this sports center has time slots on Tuesdays and Thursdays intended exclusively for women and that gender equality is being violated in this way. In her response to the complaint, the Assistant Director of the Center did not disagree that there were time slots intended for women and she explained that they wanted to help victims of domestic violence in that way. Namely, they were addressed by citizens’ association “Ž. C. H. ” with a request to provide two time slots for women who are victims of violence and who would feel supported with this a kind of a response in their mental and physical recovery. The procedure involved an analysis of the allegations stated in the complaint and statements, as well as the fact that the Center set time slots intended for only one gender, both from the aspect of the justifiability of the stated measure and proportionality between the taken measures and the objective achieved with these measures, as well as from the aspect of the special provisions of the Law on Gender Equality which protect victims of domestic violence. It was determined that the stated measure is lawful and justified and that is does not constitute an act of discrimination. The Commissioner for the Protection of Equality is of an opinion that by allocating separate time slots for women, the Center for Physical Culture “D.J. “From Vrbas did not violate anti-discrimination regulations.




   Brankica Janković


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