Meeting of Commissioner Janković and Minister Đorđević

Minister of Labor, Employment, Veteran and Social Issues Zoran Đorđević was in the first official visit to Commissioner for the Protection of Equality, since he took office. Commissioner Janković and Minister Zoran Đorđević discussed the situation in achieving equality in social relations.

Considering the social significance of prohibition of discrimination and improvement of gender equality, the Minister emphasized the importance of constitution of the Sector that will deal with these issues and stressed that one of important activities in this area, among other things, will be monitoring, analyzing the effects and proposing measures for improvement of gender equality and social inclusion of families and individuals.

Having in mind the recommendations given in the Annual Report of the Commissioner for the Protection of Equality, Commissioner Janković welcomed the forming of special organizational unit and rising of very important social issue, such is gender equality, on the sector level and expressed her expectations that the Ministry will intensify its activities in the following period. Commissioner reminded that the most discriminated groups in Serbia are women, persons with disabilities and elderly, and that discrimination is the most widespread in the area of labor and employment.

During the meeting, special attention was dedicated to the position of persons with disabilities. Commissioner Janković pointed to the recommendations of measures and other activities that Commissioner undertook in the previous period, regarding the improvement of equality of this sensitive social group, while Minister Đorđević announced dedication of the Ministry to this important issue, along with preservation and improvement of the Sector for persons with disabilities.

Also, during the discussion, special attention was paid to the previous activities on amendments and complements to the Law on the Protection of Discrimination, in accordance with the recommendations of the European Commission and the undertaken obligations of the Republic of Serbia in pre-accession negotiations for EU membership.

One of the key topics at the meeting was the role of the Ministry in prevention of violence against women and the need of efficient suppression of discrimination, as well as the future common activities in the field of education of employees in Labor Inspectorate.

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