Commissioner presented Code of equality to NIS employees

At the invitation of company NIS, Commissioner for the Protection of Equality, Brankica Janković, presented to employees of this company in Novi Sad the Code of Equality that provides guidelines for creating an anti-discrimination policy for employers in Serbia.

The Commissioner stressed that business and human rights are not at the opposite, but on the same side and that the success of a company consists of much more than a profit. She added that the consequences of discrimination in the area of work are numerous: they lead to the decline in productivity and efficiency of employees, stress and demotivation, undermining interpersonal relationships and the reputation of the company suffers.

In order to truly improve the mechanisms for protection against discrimination in area of labor and employment, it is also necessary to present to the public the examples of good practice of companies that are operating in Serbia and applying anti-discrimination policy. One of such companies is NIS, said the Commissioner.

Deputy General Manager of NIS, Andrei Shibanov, emphasized that this company respects human rights, especially in the field of labor relations, and insists on applying high standards for a fair and safe working environment for all its employees, which also includes the prohibition of discrimination of any kind.

Following the lecture by Commissioner Janković, the deputy general manager of NIS announced that this company is starting the process of drafting a corporate equality code, in cooperation with the employees in the Commissioner for the Protection of Equality.

This will be the NIS’s contribution to building of better business environment, but also of better society as a whole, said Shibanov.

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